A Black Sea Bulgarian Beach Holiday

A Black Sea Bulgarian Beach Holiday

Looking to getaway to the seashores of Europe this year, but intimidated by the prices you find in places throughout the Mediterranean Sea? Despite what you might think, there are alternatives to this intensely popular place, and they can be found by looking all the way east to the shores of the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

Here, the cost of living is dramatically lower than in the Eurozone, leading to cheaper accommodations, meals, and drink prices. Put it together with the pleasantly warm waters of the Black Sea in the peak of summer time, and you have the makings of an inexpensive vacation.

Before you book your cheap holidays to Bulgaria via a travel facilitator like Thomas Cook, we thought you should know about the various choices along the coast that are available to you, as each of the places listed below each have a character all their own.

Let’s review each of them in detail…

1. Sunny Beach

If your looking for a resort style atmosphere where tourist amenities are plentiful, the beer is cold and cheap, and the beaches are populated with young and beautiful people, you can do no better than to base yourself at Sunny Beach. The restaurants serve up food that matches just about every type of western cuisine, while the nightclubs reverberate with the deep vibrations of bass-driven party anthems well into the night. If you are young and on a budget, or just wish to be surrounded by familiar things on your Bulgarian holiday, Sunny Beach is your best bet.

2. Varna

If you wish to chill out on a beautiful white sand beach, but also seek to experience some authentic Bulgarian culture on your holiday, then centering yourself in the city of Varna would be the ideal place to stay in the region. When you have had your fill of time spent by the seashore, be sure to check out Varna’s archaeological museum, which contains artifacts dating back to the Stone Age and is the best institution of its kind in Bulgaria. The shopping is also well spoken of in Varna, where many boutiques and jewelry stores offer unique goods at tempting prices.

3. Dyuni

If you wish to seek out the wilder side of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, then staying in the Dyuni area will allow you to see a portion of this inland sea which has been less affected by humans than other places in the Bulgarian Riviera. While there are more developed sections close to the resorts, going beyond these areas will have you walking a shore that features wild sand dunes and towering cliffs.

Relax on the beach. Experience a new culture. Save money.

While many of your colleagues default to the same old Mediterranean beach holiday every summer, you have the chance to do something remarkably different, saving money in the process. By checking out Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast this year, you’ll have a holiday that’s more than a sun lounger and a really deep tan … you’ll be exposed to a new culture, all while saving some serious dough!