What to Pack When Travelling With Kids

What to Pack When Travelling With Kids

When you’re travelling as a family, you have more to think about than just yourself, and that means thinking x number of times when it comes to packing needs too.

Packing for one person is bad enough, packing for a family? Harder!

Forgetting something at this point could be disastrous for your trip, depending on what it is of course, so getting a little advice from other family travellers is a great starting point.

Of course, it’s always good sense to check your luggage allowance and dimensions well ahead of time, so you can add extra if need be, and also about regulations concerning liquids, such as baby milk. This is a variable area from airport to airport, and airline to airline, so do check it out. On top of this, most airlines don’t charge for checked cribs, strollers, and car seats, but again, double check with your particular airline just to be sure, so you’re not subject to an unwanted surprise at the check in desk.

A few things to remember when packing …

So, if you’re trying not to forget something, and you’re trying to cram everything into one case, or perhaps a few if you’re heading way for a while, here’s a few must-pack items that should certainly be either in your carry-on luggage, or your checked-in hold suitcase.

  • Stuffed animals or comfort blankets, basically anything the kids can’t sleep or settle without
  • Pacifiers for young children and babies
  • Enough clothes (but not too many!) to last for the duration of the trip, including a spare pair in your hand luggage, just in case of accidentsDiapers, changing mat, and baby wipes
  • Toys and games in hand luggage, to keep the kids occupied during the trip
  • Portable DVD player and DVDs (great for road trips!)
  • iPad/tablet – well charged up
  • Headphones
  • All chargers, including an international adapter
  • Snacks and a water bottle
  • First aid kit – this should also include medications for allergic reactions and upset stomachs, Ibuprofen, Vaseline, Sudocream, a thermometer, plasters, and antiseptic cream, as a minimum
  • Sun hats
  • Sun lotion
  • Waterproofs – ponchos are a great middle ground, and roll up very small for carrying around during your trip

Of course, there are many other quirks which your family may have in terms of what you use on a daily basis, and if there is anything your child uses regularly, something which settles them during a bad day for example, then always take that too – within reason!

Pantai Nglambor Gunung Kidul is a great way to save your kids’ games and toys for the plane in case you fly, and also a great leg saver for tired kids, when you have to wait in long check-in queues , or if you’re walking all the way to the boarding gate – they just sit on them, and you can use a rope to pull them.

When packing, roll up instead of folding, this saves space and saves tangles, and look into packing cubes, as this will help you find things faster when you’re in a hurry.

While packing for the whole family may be a minefield, with a little preparation, you can easily get it right.