Best Family Travel Blogs For Those Heading Off On An Adventure With Teens And Tweens

Best Family Travel Blogs For Those Heading Off On An Adventure With Teens And Tweens

We all know that the teen and pre-teen stage is a pretty difficult one in the general run of things, but if you’re travelling around the world and exploring, how easy is it to deal with those teenage strops? And how can you make sure your little darlings are occupied and happy, at this particularly difficult stage of life?

Well, there are many families who travel with teens and tweens, and thankfully they have much advice to pass down to you, to help you in your travel adventures.

Here are five of the best blogs out there for you to follow, and grab some valuable advice along the way.

Autistic Globe Trotting

Whether you have a child who is autistic or not, this is a fantastic blog to follow, full of inspiring stories and interesting posts. Travelling the world with two teenagers, this Southern California mom aims to raise awareness and encourage families to continue travelling, despite the challenges that autism can sometimes bring. A great site for encouraging travel without barriers, whilst also dealing with the challenges that teenagers can generally bring too!

Travel with Teens

Being prepared is one of the key aspects of travelling with kids, so this site is great for keeping you up to date on travel-related issues, especially those pertaining to this age group, and that sometimes difficult teenage stage. You’ll also find great information on where to say, and funny stories to keep you smiling.

The Vacation Gals

A group of three mothers with children ranging from ages 1-16, chronical their travel adventures and thoughts. Although this is a great all-rounder site for ages, there are many stories and tips for travelling with teens and tweens to be found. You’ll find information on how to deal with teenage strops, gadget product reviews, where to stay, and where to eat and drink, especially for those picky eaters.

The Mother of All Trips

This is a long-running site, which has so much information on many different aspects of family travel. You can read articles following the family from the children being just 1 year old, right up to now, being teenagers. You’ll find out tips, reviews, stories, and you can read about where they’re planning to go next.

Edventure Project

We know how important it is to educate our children in general, but educating them in their travels, cultures, traditions, languages and opening their minds to the world is one of the most important things you can teach them. This site aims to provide advice and stories on how you can do just that, combining adventure travel with education, including ecotravels, destinations, activities and helpful hints.

Check out these Tempat Wisata di Solo sites for helpful advice, and plan your next travel adventure. Nobody’s saying that teenagers are the easiest species on the planet, but helping them see the world and explore together as a family is one of the most rewarding things you can do.