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Thessaloniki is one of the famous tourist destinations in Greece. Thessaloniki is second largest city and capital of Greek Macedonia in Greece. In May, like everywhere in Greece, is the most beautiful in Thessaloniki.  On all sides Lemon trees. Yes, just like in the song “… Where the Lemon yellow …” Flowers and trees and other different kinds of Mediterranean trees are everywhere. Thessaloniki is rapidly changing, getting bigger? I do not rely on the figures on what it’s really inhabitants. This should deal with people who work a statistic. Of course, Thessaloniki is increasing. Fortunately, there are no skyscrapers and tall buildings, all somehow in width.

When you look at the panorama, you will see that it is a powerful city. At each step of the history here. The builders of the future metro, whenever they started to dig deeper, there would be the remains of the Roman walls. The most famous is the Roman Forum. This is the main city of northern Greece and the entire region. Thessaloniki is cultural, educational, industrial, financial and administrative center of this part of the country.

All, of course, know for the longest with a local street Egnatia, which for centuries has linked the east and west. There is always a prestigious street Tsimiski, even the streets around it because the goods in the shops of excellent quality, but the prices are high. There are actually two major areas of the city: Ano Poli – higher part of the city on a steep area, and Kato Poli – lower part of the city, which extends to the east all the way to the airport. People who have the time, and above all someone who knows Thessaloniki, should go down to the part of the city Epano Poli, in its narrow streets, with small houses and beautiful gardens, decorated in oriental style leading to the fortress of Castro.

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There also have the remains of the Roman walls. If we’re honest, the best way to experience this city is not on the streets, not in the shops or museums, but in one of the many small restaurants-tavernas, cafes and restaurants along the coast, colored sun of the Mediterranean and the smell of the sea and fish coming from the nearby port.

Thessaloniki place that everyone finds fun

Trade, business, shopping, and enjoy. Greeks-both old and young like pubs and cafes, especially those in the national style. In all the cafes along the coast of market Aristotelos to the White Tower, often waiting for a seat! I still have this famous popular ouzo in a small restaurants where sipping Greek coffee, eat feta cheese, olives, tomatoes and cucumbers, then refreshing salad “tzatziki”, sipping brandy Tzipora (with drink with ice) and play backgammon or cards.

You’ll also see how, after the parties backgammon or card games Greeks fighting but do not worry – it’s a classic their temperament, and the camaraderie brawl. There are “taverns” in the old part of the city, but also in the modern parts of the historic center in Nea Krini, Forks, Ladadika in Milos, and to Eleftheria Square. Thessaloniki is spacious. It`s broad and powerful. Thessaloniki is packed with history and hospitable people. He is everyone and no one, but still his. Its inhabitants are proud of our rich past.

The roads to the south and Asia Minor from time immemorial water from Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki has 25 museums, churches, Rotunda, and well-known Serbian cemetery Zejtinlik. If you are at Egnatia and go to its end, just keep Monesteri Street and you will come to the big shopping centers, “Cosmos”, “jumbo”, “Ikea” … In the “Cosmos” as well as “Ikea” Fast food is plentiful. As far as food is concerned, in Thessaloniki you can choose: Greek national dishes or pans that sell chicken and fries, or a little tavern where the offer gyros, souvlaki-Greek famous food, eggplant on the grill … Those with deeper wallet can enjoy in one of the luxurious restaurants where, with seafood, barbecue or national specialties, and serves the good wine, centuries overwhelming element of Greek civilization. At the foot of the White Tower, almost the whole day, various events.

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There are street performers, clowns, colorful balloons, and most tourists and locals who enjoy a walk along the coast wisata pulo cinta. They’ll call you in two ship-restaurant that ply the Thessaloniki Bay. Admission is free, but be sure to drink on board. Worth a cruise, especially at sunset. Only there, at sea, Thessaloniki gets its luster, beauty, strength. As the sun slowly hit at rest, while the ship’s siren should sound and seagulls on the coast and in coffee shops teeming with people. Begins another beautiful night in Thessaloniki, the city that never sleeps, who likes to be there as guests, to rejoice and to be returning as often as possible.

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