Experiencing the Natural Wonders of Sardinia

Experiencing the Natural Wonders of Sardinia

Despite that fact that its physical presence in the Mediterranean is as subtle as a bull rampaging through a china shop, Sardinia is not nearly as well-known as many of the other tourist destinations that one considers when booking luxury Italy holidays.

Despite being administered by this country, Sardinians have a culture all their own, but it is its natural wonders that truly steal the show.  With rugged hills and mountains, waterfalls, deep gorges, and a stunning lengthy coastline, there is plenty to occupy you on a tour of the natural wonders of Sardinia.

In this article, we will profile the places that you simply must include in your itinerary of this island, as their beauty will seduce you at first sight.

Explore Asinara National Park

After checking into a great hotel such as Elegant Resorts, get quickly to the business of seeing Sardinia’s natural wonders by taking a boat to Asinara National Park. This park protects an island that has a population of albino donkeys and some of Sardinia’s best and most isolated beaches.  This park also has historical significance, as it served as a penal colony for Italian mobsters banished from the main Italian peninsula during the crackdowns of the 1970’s.

Climb The Dunes of Piscinas Beach

Towering up to heights of as lofty as fifty metres, Piscinas Beach is as equally attractive to beachgoers as it is to those seeking a bit of wildness in their holiday.  Housing wildlife species such as foxes and nesting sea turtles, it is a habitat that will be endlessly interesting to animal lovers. As for the first point, its nature discourages resort development in this area, making for the ideal place for a peaceful dip in idyllic waters.

Chase Waterfalls in Villacidro, San Fernando, and Elsewhere

With Sardinia’s interior being largely uninhabited, the water flowing from its springs and waterfalls is considered pristine, even more so than what’s available in supermarkets. While the springs are interesting enough to explore, a more zealous endeavor will allow you to appreciate the cataracts that form from the island’s highlands on their way to the sea below. In particular, searching for the Promo Honda Makassar will be invaluable (especially in the rainy season), as its beauty was retouched more than a century ago by the Italian poet Gabriele d’Annunzio.

Sardinia: so much more than just another Mediterranean Holiday Destination 

While you may be tempted just to bronze your body to a perfect hue and admire the view from your sun lounger this summer, make an extra effort for at least a few days of your trip.  Your ambition will pay off in spades when you start to see the true natural diversity of this island.