Daman and Diu Islands-beach Beauty of India

Daman and Diu is second smallest union territory of India and are two separate territories. Daman lies near Vapi town in south part of Gujrat while Diu lies near Junagarh part of peninsular Gujrat. Daman is divided into two parts of moti Daman and nahi Daman by damanganga river. But this article deals mainly with the beaches of Diu.Diu is a beautiful island that lies in Arabian sea. Diu is separated from mainlands of its neighboring state of Gujarat by a long narrow channel having bridges.It was a Portuguese colony historically and remnants of its colonial past are evident in the island. It has coast line of mere 17 kms.

Diu still boasts of pristine and unspoilt beaches due to its remote isolation. Its beaches are pure, white and golden changing hues in different parts of a day.The rays of sun plays with the sprinklings water of the beaches and affects the visitor proficiently.

Diu has two points from where one can enter the island. Bridge at Ghoghla and a bridge at tad. These are connected with mainland of Gujarat. One can see beaches and Churches at Diu. Ghoghla, Nagoa, Jallandhar and Gomtimata are its beaches. Nagoa is the main beach of Diu and has good tourist facilities. Ghoghla beach is probably the best in beauty but least visited as it has few tourist facilities. Chakratirth beach offers splendid sunset at sunset point.

Diu has a few beautiful churches namely-st paul’s church and church of st. Francis of Assissi. These Churches are ancient ones built in colonial era. Another beautiful beach is Gomtimata. This beach is an isolated beauty thronged by foreign tourists.

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Water sports at Diu:

Good water sport facilities are available at Nagoa, Ghoghla beaches only. Rest of the beaches are not suitable for water sports wisata bogor. Activities like swimming, para-sailing boating, water scooters are available.

Best time to visit:


How to reach:

By air:

Diu airport near Nagoa beach is connected by some flights confirm before planning.

By rails:

Nearest railway station is Delwada which is just 8 Kms from Una (Diu) the connectivity is limited. So plan accordingly.

By road:

Diu is connected by road with mainland of Gujarat from cities like Ahmedabad.

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