Trekking in India

Trekking in India – An Adventure Sport

Trekking is an amazingly refreshing and rejuvenating habit that can be pursued by persons of all ages.The term of trekking is used when a person walks in the hills. The habit of this actually should be cultivated since childhood as its benefits are multiple.The most significant benefit of this activity is the enhanced physical strength, other one is if a person is involved in such activity, the probability of leading a disciplined life enhances. The person learns the habit of social living as while trekking in a group, person learns the values of sharing and helping.So it is important if such activities are under taken in early part of life.

India offers breathtakingly splendid, tough trekking options in its most parts. North Indian Himalayan States namely Uttarakhand and Himachal are ideal for all types of treks. The treks offered by these States range from easy ones to tough ones. The treks in the Himalayan valleys may be easier one but highly rewarding.While on trekking one feels bonding with nature. Treks may be extremely tough and strenuous like ones involving crossing of high altitude snow covered pases like Pin-Parbati Pass in Kullu (HP), Indralhara pass in Kangra valley (HP) ,passes of Ladakh and Uttarakhand involving altitudes above 5000 meters. Similarly treks to the high altitude lakes like Chandratal in Spiti (HP) ,Dashair and Bhrigu lake in Kullu (HP), Roopkund, Dodital, Hemkund lake in Uttarakhand are extremely tough but highly rewarding.

Tempat Wisata di Papua this section is very rich in rare wildlife in the highlands and the National Parks in these states are rich in wildlife. If one wants to visit parks like Pin Valley, Great Himalayan National Park, the only option for Hemis NP is trekking in this wildlife-rich paradise.

South Indian states such as Karnataka, Tamilnadu- have Western and Eastern ghats which are areas rich in biodiversity. Trekking in these places is full of new discoveries and rejuvenation. It is a beautiful paradise for trekkers.

Northeastern Indian states such as Sikkim, Arunchal, Meghalaya and Nagaland offer tough trekking options that offer rainforest, snow-covered trails. The Indian Himalayas and rainforests spread across different parts of the country are ideal places for all categories of trekkers.