Manimahesh Lake and Peak-lord Shiva’s Land in Chamba Valley Himachal Pradesh

We were walking for the last one hour & the day was opening up slowly. I could clear hear the mighty Ravi flowing near to us.We were heading towards Manimahesh Lake- mighty Lord shiva’s land. When I saw the splendour & grandeur of the place I felt ecstatic & initial feeling of exhaustion turned into euphoria.

Yesterday, we reached Chamba after night journey from Chandigarh. Chamba valley is a beautiful valley and town of Chamba is situated on Ravi river. After some relaxation we headed for Bharmour which is about 60 kms from Chamba along the swiftly flowing Ravi. The journey is about 2 hours and is full of beautiful views. After checking in the modest hotel ,we planned to visit famous and historical Chaurasi temples which are believed to be built by pandavas.The atmosphere was religious as the place was thronged by devotees of lord shiva. We planned to leave early morning so that we can return the same day.

The trek of 13 kms. was full of beautiful vistas, criss-crossing mighty turbulent Ravi, which originate in these hills. We come across a beautiful waterfall named Dhanchoe & stopped there for some time.The trek took us through narrow trails,beautiful valley, precarious wooden bridges on turbulent Ravi.Like other Shiva’s abodes namely Kailash Mansarovar or Amarnath journeys, this is a tough trek. We come across glaciers, medicinal herbs & a variety of birds. After a trek of about 6 hours I felt exhausted & crossing over precariously build wooden bridges seemed deadly but there was no option wisata lampung. Persistent encouragement of my friend was the reason of my walking.

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Finally we reached our destination & I saw first & last real glimpse of sacred Manimahesh peak which was engulfed by thick fog within seconds. We took bath in sacred Manimahesh lake & after offering prayers, we took lunch in a tent near the lake. At 2.30 pm we started our journey back to civilization & reached Barmour at about 8 pm. It was a memorable journey of my life.

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