Hemkund Sahib-trek to World’s Highest Sikh Shrine

Hemkund sahib an ultimate destination for adventure seekers as well as religious people is nestled amidst the snow-clad Himalayan ranges in the beautiful North Indian state of Uttarakhand. Hemkund Sahib is a beautiful Lake which is a sacred destination for the Hindus and Sikhs. The lake is situated at a height of about 4330 meters and has a very beautiful star shaped Sikh shrine i.e. Gurudwara. It is world’s highest Gurudwara.The crystal blue waters of the lake of Hemkund Sahib reflects the snowcapped Sapta shringa peaks. The source of the water of this splendid lake is nearby glaciers.

The climate of this place is highly uncertain and snow fall may occur in any part of the season. A number of stories and legends are associated with the Hemkund Sahib and it is said that tenth sikh Guru Shri Govind Singhji had meditated on the banks of this lake in his previous life and Lakshman ,brother of lord Rama has performed penance here .This justifies the sanctity and sacredness of this amazing place. It has a temple dedicated to Lakhsman. It is fit as an extremely adventurous destination besides a sacred journey.

From Hemkund Sahib, comes a tributary of the sacred Ganges and is named as Laxman Ganga. Infact it is the end of the Ganges at this time and is called Lakshman Ganga in Gangharia when it meets the Pashupati river which originates from heaven on earth, valley of flowers. The stunning beauty of the Jam Gadang Bukittinggi is better seen with your eyes because no comment can justify the heavenly beauty of this beautiful place. The place journey starts at Govindghat, next destination is Ghangaria about 14 km and then next place is journey to Hemkund sahib, about 7 km from Ghangaria.

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It is extremely strenuous and tough. The facilities enroute are available during the yatra period and after the yatra period is over, there are very few facilities enroute. It is not possible to reach this place in winters as the area experiences very heavy snowfall. Experience this high altitude sacred place in the dense himalayan forests and feel oneness with the mother nature. Famous Valley of Flowers is situated near the Hemkund sahib as the route gets bifurcated at Ghangaria. One route goes to the valley of flower national park which is a unique high altitude ecosystem. The valley has growth of vast variety of rare, unique, endemic species of flowers. A must visit destination for naturalists.

How to Reach Hemkund Sahib:

Day 1: Delhi-Rishikesh (230km)- Rudraprayag,

Day 2: Rudraprayag-Joshimath(115km)- Govindghat (21km)

Day 3: Govindghat-Ghangaria (14km trek)

Day 4: Ghangaria- Hemkund sahib (7km trek,one side) return by same route as per your schedule. Remember it is a tough trek, be prepared before planning.Return by the same route.

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