Thoroughly Exciting Adventures in India for the Whole Family

Thoroughly Exciting Adventures in India for the Whole Family

Thoroughly Exciting Adventures in India for the Whole Family

From tigers to the Taj Mahal, India is the place adventure comes alive. Whether you plan on experiencing the sights and sounds of the city, or exploring the natural world on an Indian safari, there is plenty for you to see and do. Both the young and young at heart will appreciate India.

If you have always longed for travel and exploration but believe having a family has got in the way, why not choose an Indian adventure holiday that suits both children and adults alike. The country is truly an area of intense wonder, whether you want to explore the ancient architecture of the cities, see the TajMahal, ride an elephant or spend some time practicing your photography.

By booking family adventure holidays as opposed to all-inclusive beach breaks, you will provide an enriching and educational experience that your kids simply won’t stop talking about. Children who visit exotic places have a greater understanding of the world in which we live, which provides so much more than books or the internet could ever offer. A first-hand experience of faraway places is something even their teachers might not possess.

The experience of a lifetime

Family holidays abroad need not be the monotonous experience associated with tourist resorts; they can be adventures the family will remember forever. By fuelling the ever-active imaginations that children possess, you will provide a taste of other cultures which few people of their age will have experienced. These adventures provide a glimpse of the way other people live their lives, which so many children are sheltered from and with the experience comes enhanced understanding and a greater tolerance of the ways in which other people might behave.

A country of diversity

Indian family adventure holidays can be slow-moving or fast paced such is the contrast of the country. You may be offered the opportunity to view the nation from the water, on a lazy boat ride along the Kerala River. In complete contrast, you will also find busy fishing ports and village markets, where the hustle and bustle of everyday life is completely infectious.

From the towns and cities, head into the hills, for absolutely breath-taking natural scenery that stretches for miles. Plus, there are the beautiful sacred temples, elaborately decorated for a stunning effect.


In India, you can choose to sleep in a tent beneath the stars or take an overnight journey on a houseboat, where you will feel as though you are an intrepid explorer. Or book into beautiful hotels for a good night’s sleep and feel ready, refreshed and raring to go.

There is the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most exotic fauna and flora first-hand and even take in a traditional show for an evening’s entertainment. The world is your oyster on these exotic family holidays abroad.

By taking your family on an adventure holiday to India you’ll benefit from a unique experience, as well as the chance to re-connect with one another away from the stresses of everyday life.