Tips For Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

Tips For Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

19,340 feet or 5,895 meters sounds like quite high a peak to climb and when one considers the extremely variable weather conditions on your way up and down the Mt. Kilimanjaro, the task may seem to be a daunting challenge. Well, challenge it is for sure and one is tested in terms of fitness, adaptability, persistence and passion but climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is not impossible. It is very doable if you have some effective tips for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The Plan

The plan would typically involve two aspects – the route you would take and the group. There are many routes that eventually lead to Uhuru Peak. Some routes take longer itineraries while others have tougher terrains. Everything about a specific route must be researched upon. For instance, some routes have huts along the way while others do not and you would have to settle for tents. Some climbing routes are touted as having the best landscapes while a few do not have extreme variations in the temperature, humidity and other weather factors. It is important to pick a route that one or everyone in the group would be comfortable with.

It is always better to travel in a group. If you are a group of friends or couples then you need not look for any more company. In case, you are alone or two to three people then befriending a couple of people along the trek would be helpful. It helps in tougher times as well as in keeping the spirits high throughout.

The Gear

You would need comfortable pants, shirts, underwear, fleece jacket, hiking shoes with ankle support and insoles, headlamp, long johns or silk underwear, hats for protection from the sun and for warmth. There are some other items that you would need to pack but you may not own them and just rent as you start your adventure. These items include a sleeping bag, waterproof pants and jacket, walking sticks and gaiters.

While climbing with light luggage is not necessary since you can get as many porters as you want but packing in stuffs for various conditions is more important than taking more of the same items.


First aid, normal medications that you may need and other essentials would be inevitably in your kit but two specific medicines that you would need are Diamox and some anti-inflammatory pills. Diamox would help you get rid of altitude sickness and the anti-inflammatory pills will save your knees and other joints from aches, freezing and aid to keep them agile.