Icehotel - Unique Unforgettable Place

Icehotel – Unique Unforgettable Place

In the village of Jukkasjarvi, 17 km from Kiruna in northern Sweden you will find a unique place in the world. it`s Icehotel a place build just from a snow and ice. But there is one thing that you need to know. This attraction is visible and you can visit just from December to April every year.

It`s started in 1989 when Japanese artists made and exhibition of ice art in this place. Jannot Derid, a French artist held an exhibition in the same area in a cylinder-shaped igloo. It`s happened that in the town were no rooms available and some visitors wanted to spend one night in the igloo. They were first guests who slept in sleeping bags in igloo on the top of reindeer skins.

Icehotel is a unique every year

Icehotel is made out of ice blocks and snow. Builders take ice blocks from the Torne River. If you look more you will see that glasses in the bar are made from the same ice. Every year in March Icehotel takes tons of frozen water and stores in the production hall. From a snow people build a strong structure of building.

Upon completion, the Icehotel has a church, bar, reception area, main hall and suites, as well as rooms for over 100 guests. Inside the hotel you also have an ice restaurant. All chairs and beds were carved out of ice. Thick walls, decorations and fixtures carved out of ice. Every place, where you need to sit and bed to sleep is covered with deer fur.

People who like to sleep at the Icehotel are given special equipment when sleeping at the hotel. All visitors sleep in polar tested sleeping bags. That’s because the bedroom temperature is around -5C. Anyway if you like warm rooms, you can make a reservation for those rooms. If you go through the Icehotel you will see that each bedroom is unique.

Indeed, all hotels and everything in them are unique every year. For all things Pengajuan Kartu Kredit BCA, Icehotel is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of Sweden. The Icehotel may seem a cold place to you, but if you visit it, you will see that even ice and snow can have elegance and everything you need for a romantic getaway for you and your partner.